Black Magic • FOOD AND TONE
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From editorial to advertorial, our clients are confident to let us shape fascinating food stories that are sophisticated to interpret the art of food styling.

Black Magic

As I was trained in chef school, I have never thought that it is necessary to work with food stylist. Chefs work with their own creativities, on the stove and on the plate. Meeting Ekarin has helped me open my mind and see food in broader perspective. Many styles of cooking I never thought I would laid my hands on, Ekarin helps make them happen by creating concept around food, communicating his ideas, and at the same time respecting my cooking technique. Working with Ekarin is FUN; it is a joy every time we see our stylish food.

– Anotai Gongvatana, Organic Star Chef / Owner at Anotai Bangkok and Plook-rak Organic Farm Rachaburi

Photographed by Pipat Jamrus